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We are proud of these women. Their stories are important. These Australian women have served their country with distinction and honour and demonstrated bravery, skill and compassion. In sharing their stories with you, we salute them

Australian Women at War

Women have always been part of our Army’s story, making important contributions in both military medicine and leadership roles.

By telling the stories of a pioneering ‘corps’ of women, we reflect shifts in society as well as the military. These stories are inspirational and deserve the widest circulation.

The Great War: an empire at war

These quiet women were the true pioneers. They did not call upon the world to listen to what women might, could or should do under quite different conditions; they simply did – under existing conditions – first the thing that needed to be done, then and there.

World War II: a corps in transition

Today we are sending you out to battle. Only you are not armed with poison gas and bayonets, but with antiseptic, chloroform and healing hands. Vital accomplishment and not sex should be the measuring rod.

The Bookshelf

There are a myriad of great books written about Australian Women at War. We have collated an excellent list for you; books that we highly recommend.

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We have barely scratched the surface when it comes to Australian women at war, and would love to hear your stories and have them appear on our website.

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