Anzac Day – A Time To Reflect On The Service And Sacrifice Of Women

Anzac Day – a time to reflect on the service and sacrifice of women

In the lead up to Anzac Day, often the stories of the service and sacrifice of women are overlooked.

They have served with distinction and gallantry in almost every theatre of war Australia has participated in, and yet few of them are household names.

They have been Prisoners of War. Some have died on operations. They deserve much greater recognition.

As battlefield surgeons in WWI, Australian women worked under appalling frontline conditions.

In WWII women took on many new roles, led pioneering research and built munitions.

Women have participated in conflict and peace-keeping in roles across the globe.

They have commanded troops and led international responses to areas of devastation and destruction.

They have demonstrated exceptional acts of gallantry.

This Anzac Day we should share the uplifting and inspiring stories of these women. They deserve nothing less.

Not For Glory featured on The Adelaide Show Podcast

In the lead up to Anzac Day, this interview was aired as episode 371 of The Adelaide Show. It includes and extended interview about Not For Glory, and some excerpts of the audiobook.

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